Frequently Asked Questions To NevertonY

How quickly will my property be online?

We aim to get the advert ready by 24 hours of receiving images, floor plans and other media.

How can I find out more information about a property?

Contact NevertonY.com who will be able to provide more information. Feel free to call +91-8851423390 or email info@nevertony.com

What happens when an offer comes?

Your NLPA will notify you straight away and negotiate the offers on your behalf.

How Long Does The Listing remain?

your listing remains until sold. Yes, that’s right, the one-off fee until sold.

What Is The Average Asking Price Received For A Property?

98% (at December 2018)

What Is The Average Sale/Rent Time?

18 to 108 days for offer acceptance! (From November 2018 – January 2019)

How To Talk To Human?

You can call or contact us at any time Email: info@nevertony.com (we will reply via a call if possible) Phone:+91-88514233906

Can I Market My Property With Other Agencies/High Street Agents?

We have no problem with dual marketing!

What Areas Do You Cover?

Currently only in Delhi but soon in all over India . we will make it work! We Are Growing !

Once Fee Is Taken Upfront; Guarantee To Sell?

We rely on happy customer to help our business grow. So far we are growing slowly via word of mouth on our great service at fantastic price, which we want to maintain. Simply our motto! With unhappy customers, we do not exist.

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Why Nevertony? Why Not High Street Agents?

We operate via  online market (bigger exposure market – over 95% of buyers come through online).We operate 24/7 (i.e phone lines are always open) No hidden fees, no commission. Advice (free).